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In Massachusetts, many employers will require their applicants to agree to undergo a CORI Massachusetts background check search. CORI stands for a Criminal Offender Record Information background search. You may be worried when applying that you will be subjected to a CORI, but there is little to worry about. Even if you have a criminal record, that does not mean you will be barred from employment. Actually, by law, employers cannot discriminate against former criminals, even convicted felons.

However, that does not mean the CORI will not affect you negatively. There are some situations where you can and will be denied a job based on your CORI. If you apply for a job, and, on the job application, lie about your criminal record, this lie will be exposed by the CORI. Although the employer may still have hired you if they had known about your crimes, they will not hire you if they know you're a liar.

A great deal of individual information can be obtain through a CORI Massachusetts background check, including dropped or dismissed criminal activities. A negative CORI report may be instrumental in preventing you from obtaining housing or particular employment positions. For example, an individual with a record of sex offender crimes would be prohibited from a learning institution position and could potentially be denied housing where children would be present.

Even if your CORI isn't positive, all hope is not lost. The online website CORI mass furnishes details on methods of sealing sections of your criminal history document. If there was no conviction for the offense or the conviction was in the distant past, a judge may issue an order for that offense's record to be sealed, so it doesn't continue to show up on your CORI.

You may expect a CORI Massachusetts background check search when you apply for work at schools or accredited daycare. Even some volunteers must be checked out. This is the employer's means of protecting other employees as well as students or clients and is not meant to be taken personally.

CORI information can be incorrect and have a negative impact on you. The court reporting system is fairly complex and therefore information can be entered incorrectly from time to time. Unfortunately this can be damaging to the individuals impacted by these mistakes. However CORI records can be corrected easily so it is important to monitor and keep CORI information current.

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